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The Phygital

The digital revolution began with the transformation and transposition of as many “real life” activities and functions as possible into a digital entity. Today, the reverse tendency is becoming ever more apparent; the virtual is beginning to reveal itself within the actual.

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What is the Phygital?

What is virtual and what is literal have become intertwined in the minds and everyday lives of people – or perhaps we should say Users – to the extent that humans born after 1990 no longer distinguish between the two. It is presently undeniable that the Digital domain has fully immersed itself into the Physical realm.

The construction of self is increasingly becoming conceptual rather than natural, as Jeffrey Deitch correctly prophesied in 1992, and our entire understanding of the meaning of private life has been completely redefined. It seems that a key element of the emerging collective consciousness of western societies is a desire to literally grasp, to make incarnate, the new, ethereal mental technology-driven social constructs into visceral objects, and experiences: interactive button options present in paper magazine ads, physical instagram filter panels cropping up in front of landmark London views, and 3D content being physically rendered, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way.

What does it mean to “Like” something nowadays? Does preference hold any value without explicit declaration? What mnemonic purpose does photography hold in a social context where images must be viewed within a 6-second time frame before self-destructing?

ThePhygital.com is the place where we attempt to explore such questions and possibly reveal new insights into our new cultural and socioeconomic environment of multiple realities and multiple perceptions.

Phygital Observations

Our Phygital Ideas

An Imagined Art Exhibit

“I've been doing a lot of abstract painting lately – extremely abstract. No brush, no paint, no canvas, I just think about it.”

– Steven Wright, Comedian

Who we are

Vasileios Tziokas
Vasileios Tziokas

Vasileios Tziokas is a marketing professional, working with world-leading brands like the Vodafone Group, Telefonica and Coca-Cola. He has been featured in top publications like AdWeek and MediaPost. He has previously worked for BBC Worlwide and TBWA/London. He is passionate about neuroscience and behavioral marketing writing tl;dr posts at his personal blog billoukos.tumblr.com.

Michalis Moulakis
Michalis Moulakis

Michalis Moulakis is an award winning Creative Director whose work has aired in over 40 countries around the world. He is also a lazy writer (only when the Spirit moves him et cetera) and a marketing professional who has spent the past 4 years promoting Greek tech companies outside of Greece’s borders. He likes dogs, books and Chess, but just the idea of it – playing it is torture.

Ana Koronellou
Anna Koronellou

Anna Koronellou is currently running the marketing department of the leading web agency in Greece. Prior to that she was working at the comms department of Atopos Contemporary Visual Culture, organising avant-garde art exhibitions like “Monsters in Fashion” in Utrecht, Netherlands. She has extensive start-up marketing experience having worked at GineAgrotis and Supergiftme.

Lina Patsiou
Lina Patsiou

Lina Patsiou is a multidisciplinary designer, working across a variety of media. Her work ranges from contract furniture to interactive installation and from lifestyle products to speculative collectibles. Lina got her fist patent when she was twenty-one while last year she was nominated for the Best Young Designer of the year award at EDIDA. Her work has been featured in a multitude of international press, including Wired, Blueprint and Damn magazines.